ABC ESL Canada

Regular / Family Program

Class sizes in some private schools may have as many as 15 students. We feel that small class size is important for all levels, who need to have the opportunity to speak not just listen. We offer TOEFL, TOEIC Preparation and Business English too. Medical Insurance is also available at a low cost.

2017 Fees

$680.00 for 4 weeks classes.
$200.00 registration fee payable in advance.
$100.00 for airport pick up and drop off.

(Fees can change, contact us at for current fees.)

We cannot guarantee your spot until you register and send a $200.00 non refundable registration fee*.

NEW!!! We now offer emergency medical insurance including Air Flight/Common Carrier Accident Insurance for a low price of $2.00 per day. (optional)

Conversation is emphasized in our classes!!!

Download the Contract and Registration Form

To book an appointment, Please contact us.

* All prices are in Canadian Dollars, which are rated lower than the American Dollar.